Jason Godwin's Storm Chase Logs

This page contains links to pages documenting my storm chasers over the years. I don't really consider myself a "storm chaser" as it's something I have done on average of about once or twice per year. I wish I could go more, but a few things prevent me from doing so. First off, as a meteorologist for the NWS, if there is severe weather close by, odds are I am going to be working. Secondly, "adulting". Often I simply have too many other commitments that prevent me from going out. Finally and perhaps somewhat controversially, in my opinion modern storm chasing has become something of a rat race. So many "social media influencers" feel the need to get out and chase in order to get "the shot" so they can sell it to the news media. This has led to roads often becoming parking lots during big chase days with a handful of people driving very recklessly. I think the vast majority of storm chasers are good people. I really do. But unfortunately it has simply become dangerous these days, but not because of the storms. That being said, I will still often target lower end days or outside of the main target area in order to avoid the crowds. This has actually paid great dividends at times, and I highly recommend this approach for the "casual" chaser who wants to see a pretty storm and explore the countryside. But enough of that rant. :)

Chase Date Location Tornadoes Observed
April 22, 2010 Texas Panhandle 3
May 10, 2010 Central Oklahoma 1
June 12, 2010 Texas Panhandle 0
February 27, 2011 North-Central Oklahoma 0
April 15, 2016 Texas Panhandle 3
May 24, 2016 Southwest Kansas 3


I have (nor ever will) chase a hurricane, but I have experienced a few hurricanes growing up on the Gulf Coast. My experiences and some photos can be found from the table below.

Hurricane Location Maximum Winds
Hurricane Katrina (2005) Lafayette, LA (unknown, but tropical storm-force)
Hurricane Rita (2005) Lafayette, LA 51 MPH
Hurricane Gustav (2008) Baton Rouge, LA 91 MPH
Hurricane Sandy (2012) Miami, FL 48 MPH