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This website is mostly about weather (after all, I am a meteorologist), but I also use this website to post about travel, hiking, the great outdoors, amateur radio, and whatever else I'm interested in.

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Atlantic Tracking Chart

39-55 mph 56-73 mph 74+ mph
Note that the above plot uses the "best track" file data which only updates at synoptic hours (i.e. 00, 06, 12, and 18 UTC). Because of this, the above plot will not 100% reflect the information in the most recent NHC advisory.

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Since I am a professional meteorologist, and the fact that most of my interests stem from weather (or nature, generally), this is the main focus of the website. I primarily write about hurricanes and other tropical weather here, since tropical weather is what got me into meteorology in the first place.

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Hiking and the outdoors are by far my favorite leisure activty, thus I have dedicated a section of my website to these activities. Here you'll find travel logs, hiking information, and landscape and nature photography.

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Amateur Radio

Amateur radio (i.e. ham radio) is among my newest hobbies. It started as something I did for work, but I got involved in the hobby outside of work, and has grown into a full-time hobby as its own. Since I live in an apartment, HF radio is difficult for me to do, but I'm exploring ways to get into it.